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AutoMax "Generation IV" Digital Broadcast Automation System

Starting at Just: $1495.00!
Need Something?......It's in There!


On-Air MOHD Automation..... It's in there!
Live Assist.....It's in there!
Satellite Operation Capability.....It's in there!
Built-in RDS/RDBS Support.....It's in there!
Button Box with unlimited number of sets and "Quick Change" for almost immediate change of sets. ...It's in There!
Recorder & Editor....It's in There!
Log Builder with Cut Validation Before Play (Free for separate studio).....It's in There!
True "Wet" Voice Tracker.....It's in There!
Super Fast CD Ripper....It's in There!
Background Record & Control Feature....It's in There!
Production Room Breakout for Recorder & Editor....It's in There!
Online Backup of all Audio in System ready for Immediate emergency use.....It's in there!
Import logs from virtually A Y Music Scheduler & traffic Program....It's in There!
Free Support for One Year from Date of Purchase.....It's in There!
Inexpensive service extension after initial warranty period....It's in There!
Free Software Updates as long as support is in effect......It's in There!
Full Credit of Initial purchase price toward upgrade to any more expensive product at any time....It's in There!


You get complete Music on Hard Drive, Satellite, Live Assist and Voice Tracking in one package. Do complete Voice Tracking with our DJ Tracker module, included in the package for no additional charge!  You could buy software or systems from some other vendors who just started selling products, but with ours you get over 13 years of in the field experience and reliability behind it.  We have thousands in the field!  Our customers will tell you that our products work, and work, and work...........................

Why "Monkey Around" with other vendor's products, when you can get a "World Class" Generation IV System for less! Our products offer the power and capabilities of systems costing thousands of dollars more.  Why pay $20-30,000 when ours will do the same thing for less!

·         Complete Broadcast Quality Systems Including all hardware & Software starting @ just 10,995 (No warmed over consumer type PC here!) for both the nice Rack-Mount Industrial Air and Production Computer Combo.

You get complete Music on Hard Drive, Satellite, And Live Assist and Voice Tracking in one package. Do complete Voice Tracking with our DJ Tracker module, included in the package for no additional charge!  You could buy software or systems from some other vendors who just started selling products, but with ours you get our over 14 year track record of in the field experience and reliability behind it.  We have over 35 years i, the broadcast business so we know what it takes to make radio work!   We have thousands of units in the field!  Our customers will tell that our products work, and work, and work...........................

 Free Tech Support for one year …See our Support Detail for information

Take a “Tour” of the complete BTSG Generation IV System farther down on this page.  Here you will see our solutions for every broadcast need in your facility.  The System can handle any type of broadcasting you can throw at it, from Music-On-Hard Drive to Satellite, to Live Assist, or any combination of the three!

A totally different concept for BTSG, "AutoMax Generation 4"™ takes the strengths of our industry-leading AutoMax 2000, AutoMax 3000 and ProRadio systems and expands them to a totally new level!  With AutoMax Generation 4, you get complete Satellite capability, as well as Music-On-Hard-Drive, and enhanced Live-Assist operational capabilities never before available in BTSG products.  The complete Generation IV System includes the Automation system, The DJ Track & Segue Editor, the Production System and the Digital Waveform Audio Editor System with fast CD Ripper and MPEG Encoder built right in!  Everything is included in the package!


The system supports a virtually unlimited number of "QuikButton" sets that can be triggered by keyboard "F" keys, or by clicking on the large main screen buttons.  This gives you a typical "Cart Wall" of players at your fingertips, that can be changed to a different set in just a couple of seconds, giving you unlimited flexibility for Live Studio operation. "AutoMax Generation 4" will work with Touch-Screen monitors giving you tremendous flexibility and ease of operation.

Each "QuikButton" can be assigned its own button color, font color, and caption for ease of identification on the fly..  Loading a new set of buttons is as easy as clicking on a button on the main screen that opens up a list of all available "QuikButton" sets.  Click on your selection and the buttons are instantly loaded and ready for use.  You can even setup a time event in the system so that certain button sets are automatically loaded and available at specific times of the day, thus saving you from having to manually select a button set at the beginning of a live show!  You walk in to do your show and at the exact time you pre-program the system to load, your set will appear on the screen for you.

"AutoMax Generation 4" uses File Info for your cuts that displays on the screen as well as telling the system every hing it needs to know about segue points, start and end dates, etc..  With each audio file, you can save information about everything from Title, Artist, Outcue, Length, Sample rate, Mode, Start Point, Ending Point, Start Date, End Date, Valid Play Days, and a host of other valuable information.    The system can save header information for ANY kind of file that the system supports.  It can save information for wave files, MP2, and mp3 files alike.

 Some other Generation IV Features.........

Plays many file types:

Generation IV  can play compressed or uncompressed wav files. It also plays mp2 and mp3 files as well!  For best quality and performance however, we recommend using uncompressed wave files.   This is especially important for digital broadcasters.

Use files recorded with other programs.

You can use files made with your favorite editor or recorder program also with AutoMax Generation IV.  We have a built-in file import function to allow using existing files with our system.

We can use just about ANY Traffic Log and Music Schedule

Generation IV can use program logs from virtually any traffic and scheduling system on the market.  Any system that output a standard formatted text file can be used with Generation IV.  You can also use a spreadsheet program, etc., in case you don't have traffic software.

Does Start & End Date Checking

Generation IV honors start and end dates to prevent files from playing that are expired or have not started yet.  It also goes one step farther, and does "Day" checking where you can tell the system that a file can only play on certain days of the week.  This way if a file accidentally gets into the log that is not supposed to play today, then it will not play.  The system skips it and continues playing valid files.

As Run Event Logging

Keeps an "As Run" event log of every cut that plays for billing purposes, etc. It also tracks every thing that a user does in the system to help management keep track of what is being done with the automation.  The system keeps a log of actions that it executes.  For example it will log Satellite closures, when someone opens and closes a screen, when someone tries to access a password protected screen, when someone manually loads a log, etc.  This is especially valuable for checking on missed closures from network, or tracking when someone if attempting to access forbidden screens.  Some screens on the system require a password to prevent unauthorized personnel from fooling with your configuration and other important settings.

Live Program Logs

Your program log visible on the screen can be easily edited for last minute changes right on the screen without having to go back to your scheduling software as some systems require.  Changing a song or spot is quick and painless.  Those inevitable last minute spot additions are easy and quick.  The Log verification function tells you if anything is missing BEFORE you find out it did not play, giving you time to correct it or to record the missing spot. 

BTSG Log Builder Utility

The BTSG Log Builder Utility that comes free with Generation IV take care of the Log Import function allowing your traffic or programming department to easily import the program log from your scheduling software for use in the system.  It also allows you to make last minute edits or changes, and has the same verification function that the main program has so you can find any missing elements that are not in your automation system's inventory  before the log is sent to the Generation IV system.  This program works on any computer on your network, and will send the completed log to the automation through your in-house network.

 Production Room Breakout

With the Generation IV System you get the option of setting up the recorder and editor and DJ Tracker in a separate production room.  This allows great flexibility of operation. 

On-Line Audio Backup for Full Readily-Available Emergency Backup

The Generation IV system keeps a mirror image of the Air machine's audio inventory on the production computer.  In the event of a file problem or drive crash, you can use the automated transfer function of the production system to totally rebuild your air Computer audio inventory.  You can also stream your audio from the production drives in the event of a drive failure in the automation computer.  This will keep you on the air while you replace any failed hardware.  You can totally lose an audio hard drive in the air machine and never lose an audio file!!

Voice Tracking

The "All New" Generation IV "Wet" DJ Track & Segue Editor

 Our all-new Generation IV "Wet" DJ Track & Segue Editor is the best ever.  It can record the tracks, edit the segues, and then save the file headers for you The on-screen adjustments of the segue points coupled with the preview function, allows you to cut your tracks, edit your DJ track events, and then save the information so what you hear in the track editor is what you hear on the air in the Generation IV Automation System.   Adjustment is visual and easy to see and do.   You hear exactly what your segue will sound like when it airs, while you are recording your track. There is no large learning curve for use of the DJ track editor.  Anyone that is capable of using a computer can master it in a few minutes.  You'll have your station sounding so live that no one will know it isn't but you!  The best thing about it is that the Generation IV DJ Track and Segue Editor is very inexpensive. It is FREE with your purchase of the Generation IV Automation System!


Generation IV Production Studio Module

The "Generation 4 Production" System is unique to the BTSG line.  It contains its own CD Ripper, MPEG encoding* capabilities and information saving capability.   Setting the cue in and out point is as easy as clicking on a button while the file is playing.  You can "Scrub" back and forth in the file while listening to it, and start playback in any point in the file at the click of a button.  The System keeps a database of all your audio files just as they are available to your main "AutoMax Generation 4" Automation system.  Once a file is updated in the Production system, its information is instantly available to the automation without having to do tedious re-uploading of your files.  The "New" Production Recorder can output files to as many as "9" radio stations from a single production room.   It maintains a mirror image of all your audio files in he file manager so you never lose your audio even if the hard drive on the automation system were to (God Forbid!) die.

*The system can encode in MPEG Layer 2.  Encoding in mp3 will require an mp3 encoder which we do not sell due to copyright limitations with the inventors of mp3.


"EditMax" Generation IV Waveform Audio Editor

editmaxg4.gif (52682 bytes)

The Generation IV system also includes a very powerful Digital Waveform Audio Editor (EditMax Generation 4 TM) which includes many built-in special effects, etc.  There is no need to go out and purchase someone else's editor when you get one for free with the Generation 4 system that can do virtually everything the expensive editors can do!  The EditMax Generation 4 Editor will work with all our other software products as well. 

EditMax Generation IV will do fade in, fade out, echo, cut & paste to/from a  file, cut & paste to/from the clipboard, merge files, reverse, invert, amplify, erase sections of a file, insert silence into a file, stretch & squeeze, trim , normalize, Rip CDs, MPEG encode/unencode audio, and convert sample rates.  You can zoom in on a section of a file to "fine-tune" an edit point.  You can even undo or redo up to the last 20 edits! It is a fully non-destructive editor!   EditMax IV can do all this and a whole lot more!

CD Ripper

EditMax Generation IV comes standard with one of the fastest CD Rippers in the business!  Our CD Ripper that can rip a 16 track CD to computer in less than 4 minutes or less!  It also includes for no additional charge, an MPEG encoder. 


The BTSG Generation IV Automation System requires a multi-output or multi-stream Sound Card (or multiple cards) and a relativ ly fast Windows 2000 or XP Professional SP2 Computer. SoundBlaster* Live series cards will work O.K., though we recommend a professional sound card with multiple outputs or multi-stream capability for best flexibility of operation. We have had great results with the Audioscience line of sound cards, available from most broadcast suppliers.

NOTE:  We require a 1 Ghz. or faster Pentium Class Processor, and 512 MB of Ram memory minimum. Hard Drive Space as necessary depending upon audio format chosen.  Windows 2000 Professional SP4 or XP Professional SP2 Operating system only for best results. We have had good luck with AMD Athalon + processor computers but we prefer Pentiums.

On-Site Setup & Configuration available. Complete systems w / hardware also available.

Contact your BTSG Sales Person for details!.

Additional Items you may need for Satellite Network Support
and/or remote control from external pushbutton or audio console cart start, etc.:

Measurement Computing USB I/O Interface:

The Measurement Computing (Formerly "Computerboards")  24 channel USB Interface (USB 1024HLS) allows you to connect contact closures into the system for controlling Generation IV from a Satellite Receiver or Studio Console, etc.   This module simply plugs into a free USB port and provides 12 input closures and 12 TTL level outputs (8 momentary and 4 latching). It comes with easy to use screw terminals for attaching wires. if you don't need to drive the TTL outputs, and simply need inputs, then the cheaper USB 1024 will work as well.

The PCI-DIO24 & the PCI-DIO24H (High Current model) Versions are also available and fully compatible with Generation IV and can simply be plugged into any free PCI slot in your computer.  The CIO-MINI37 terminal board allows easy connection of closures to the PCI versions.  It is not required for the USB versions as they have  built-in terminal strips already.

Satellite Audio Switchers:

Our system supports most Broadcast Tools switchers, and most others that can be controlled by a serial data string sent out the Computer Serial port.  We recommend the "SS" Series Broadcast Tools units for best results as they also include the PIP port. The SS4.2 handles up to 4 satellite or external networks, and the SS8.2 handles up to 8.  Most Satellite switchers with a serial port will work, but if you use the BTI switchers that have the built-in PIP port, then no closure module is necessary as we have built-in support for the 16 input PIP port already in Generation IV.

Sound Card Options:

 We Recommend Quality Audioscience Professional Broadcast Quality Audio Cards

 Many other cards will work with the system.  It can use most cards that are capable of playing multiple simultaneous files.  Generation REQUIRES at least 3 independent play streams for normal playback.  With Satellite operation you will need 4.  The ASI cards already have sufficient streams built-in.  The inexpensive ASI-5111 is a great cost effective option and can play mpeg and wav files when used with any BTSG Software product.  In a pinch or on a tight budget, most AC-97 compatible internal sound cards, and Soundblaster Live type cards will work, though the quality will not be as good as a broadcast quality audio card.  WARNING!! Some broadcast quality cards have drivers that DO NOT support independent operation of their internal audio streams, so be sure that yours does, before attempting to use it with Generation IV.

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